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3. Jurisprudence and Fiqh



Mawsou`at Fiqh Ahl al-Bayt (as) 1.2

Mawsou`at Fiqh Ahl al-Bayt (as) 1.2 Desctiption:

The full text of 1193 jurisprudential books and treatises in 1783 volumes by 283 authors
Mutual relation between 33 books in 117 volumes together with 188 commentaries, annotations,and translations in 806 volumes
Possibility of selecting commentaries with the capability of comparing the required texts
Possibility of determining priority order of commentaries
Accessibility to texts through both Selective List and Tree
Liming research range by Books, Authors, and Subjects
Accessibility to books by such subjects as Verses dealing with the rules, fiqh based on reasoning, Comparative fiqh, Fiqh based on fatwa, Jurisprudential rules, Sources of fiqh, and history of fiqh and jurisprudents
Topical search in more than half a million jurisprudential subjects
Search for words in texts and contents of books
Selecting the verses and searching in them using special capabilities
Seven dictionaries with various search options


Mawsou`at Fiqh Ahl al-Bayt (as) 1.2

Part 1 Part 2


  Jurisprudence Thesaurus Tree

Jurisprudence Thesaurus Tree Desctiption:

Thesaurus Tree of 57 parts of Islamic Jurisprudence
Linkage between Jurisprudential parts and the text of the books compiled by scholars prior to Shaykh Ṭūsī including: Jumal al`Ilm wa al-`Amal, al-Intiṣār, al-Nāṣiriyyāt, Fiqh al-Riḍā, al-Muqni`, al-Hidāyah bi’l-Khayr, al-Muqni`ah, al-Ishrāf, and al-Kāfī fi’l-Fiqh
Displaying the thesaurus tree of jurisprudence in three orders: order of jurisprudential parts, alphabetical order, and topical order
Reciprocal linkage between two or more branches in the same or different jurisprudential parts
Extracting various lists based on the titles of Thesaurus Tree, Supplementary Titles, and Proper Names
Standard and Compound searches in the Text and Contents of the books of the Thesaurus Tree
Possibility of narrowing the research range through Part, Book, and Topic
Jurisprudential Terminology on the basis of 6 reliable references
Possibility of searching in the Program dictionaries through roots and derivatives
Three independent user-environments



  Digital jurisprudence and encyclopedia for the Ahlul Bait (AS)

Digital jurisprudence and encyclopedia for the Ahlul Bait (AS) Desctiption:

Islamic Encyclopedia with conformity of Ahlul Bait (as) school of law to tape 20 from the Arabic from letter "ب"
Jurisprudence dictionary in accordance to laws of Ahlul Bait (as) school to tape 4 to the end of the letter "ش"
Simple and advanced search in the text and table of contents of books
Jurisprudence Dictionary of Sheyh Tusi books (6 volumes)
Encyclopedia of Comparative Law School Volume 1 of "أىمة" to "إ خفات"
Mu'jam Figh al Jawahir (6 volumes)


Ahlulbait & ahl al bait 2

Ahlulbait Ahlulbait


  Fiqh al-Sadiq

Fiqh al-Sadiq Desctiption:

Full text of 41 volumes with the book-work Fiqh al-Sadiq
Search in more than 4,400 chapters on Selection Index
Simple and advanced search in the text and table of contents of books
Take notes, edit, save and print
Comparing two texts of one or more books
More than 20 pictures of him in the gallery teilenFiqh al-Sadiq




  Hadith-e Wilayah

Hadith-e Wilayah Desctiption:

Full text of remarks, sermons, interviews, speeches, speeches and visit of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei from August 1987 until further notice
Full text of his writings, messages, letters, notes, comments, responses, appointments, meetings, visits, contracts and regulations from 1988 until further notice
Presentations of his more works with more than 2,400 subjects with search option
Simple and advanced search in the text and contents of works






  Bahjat al-Fiqh

Bahjat al-Fiqh Desctiption:

Full text of 7 books in 16 volumes of his works
Full text of 43 volumes of book Jawahir al-Kalam fi Sharh Shara'i al-Islam (the Islamic legislation Diamond comment)
40 images and audio in the gallery part
Seminars and writings
High Classical Lectures incl. Kitab al-Salat (prayer book), Kitab al-Zakat (alms book 2.5%), Kitab al-Humus (alms share of Ahlul Bait 5/1), Kitab al-Hajj (pilgrimage book), Kitab al-Jihad (resistance)



Fiqh of Ayatollah Bahjat

Bahjat fiqh Salat Zakat


Fiqh of Ayatollah Bahjat

Humus Hajj Jihat


  Noor al-Faqahah 3

Noor al-Faqahah 3 Desctiption:

Full text of six textbooks of Islamic seminary in the fields of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and its principles (usoul) in 33 volumes
Six glossaries of terms and expressions of Islamic jurisprudence and its principles in 8 volumes along with three Arabic dictionaries of Kitab al-`Ayn, Lisan al-`Arab, and Majma` al-Bahrayn
Accessibility to more than 22 thousand keywords, 84 thousand combined indexes, 86 thousand addresses together with 86 thousand subjects taken from the books available in the Program
Possibility of combining roots, keywords, and indexes
Research on the applied concepts of Islamic jurisprudence and its principles
Search in texts and chapters titles of the books
Comparing texts of one or two volumes of a book
Referring the synonymous terms to each other in the System of Synonyms
Distinguishing between homonymous terms in the System of Homonyms
List of dependent concepts in the System of the Related
Limiting range by volumes and subjects



Library of Usoul al-Fiqh

	Library of Usoul al-Fiqh Desctiption:

The full text of 76 jurisprudential books in 156 volumes by 59 outstanding authors some of which are: Kifayat al-Usoul, Fara’id al-Usoul, Qawanin al-Usoul, Ma`alim al-Din, Durar al-Fawa’id, Muntaha al-Dirayah, Nihayat al-Usoul, Tahdhib al-Usoul, `Uddat al-Usoul, Usoul al-Istinbat, Buhouth fi `Ilm al-Usoul, Majma` al-Afkar, Misbah al-Usoul, Ghayat al-Usoul, `Inayat al-Usoul, and Bahr al-Fawa’d fi Sharh al-Fara’d
Mutual relation between text and commentary
Accessibility to texts through different ways
Convenient research on the texts available in the Program using various research capabilities
Possibility of copying the selected piece of text to Notepad for saving, editing and printing
Book info of the books available in the Program


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