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6. History and Geography



Geography of Islamic World

Geography of Islamic World Desctiption:

Full text of 79 Arabic and Farsi geographic books in 169 volumes dealing with different subjects such as general geography, geographical index, biography, history and geography of cities, travel accounts, Meazars, Masaliks, and heaven geography
Full text of such books as Yaqout Himawi, Mu`jam Ma-stu`jam, al-Rawd al-Mi`tar by Himawi, al-Masalik wa al-Mamalik, al-Buldan, and Ahsan al-Taqarsdim
Access to writings of great authors like Ibn Khurdadhbeh, Qudamah b. Ja`far, Ibn Wadih Ya`qoubi, Ibn Rasteh, Istakhri, Ibn Houqal, Abu Rayhan Birouni, and Naser Khosrow
Presenting an independent section under the title of "Places" with the capability of access to more than 30 thousand names of places mentioned in sources of the Program with the capabilities of searching in text and possibility of connecting more than 4 thousand words of places with passages relating to it
Possibility of doing various advanced searches in books text and contents through a single word or a combination of them
Searching in more than 62 thousand parts of books through Selective List
Finding the required word in text of the current book through Find option
Possibility of using full text of complete series of Arabic and Farsi dictionaries in 62 volumes with search option through roots and derivatives
Availability of research options such as adding indexes, annotations, highlights, and bookmarks and also relating words with dictionaries



  History of Islamic Iran تاريخ ايران اسلامي

 History of  Islamic Iran  تاريخ ايران اسلامي Desctiption:

Full text of 276 books in 472 volumes on history of Islamic Iran, including general history, local of Iranian dynasties, travels, and novel research sources history of Iran, history
Accessibility to 140 thousand chapter titles through Selective Index with the possibility of limiting the range of the list
Searching through the text and contents of the books
Linkage between the books and their translations
Full text of the Holy Quran along with its translation and search options
Linkage between the texts and 10 sets of dictionaries with search options




Turath Desctiption:

Full text of 66 books in Arabic and Persian in 309 volumes
Early sources in such fields as: literature, poetry, eloquence, proverbs, history, ethics, stories and parables, information, biographies, astronomy, animals and dictionary
Full text of books like Tarikh Madinat Dimashq, Kalilah wa Dimnah, al-Athar al-Baqiyah, Nihayatal-Arb, al-Aghani, al-Amthal, Hayat al-Haywan, al-`Iqd al-Farid, Mu`jam al-Udaba’ and its translation, al-Mustatraf, Tarikh Baghdad, Subh al-A`sha fi Sana`at al-Insha’
Topical search in more than 88 thousand parts and chapters through the Selective List
Full text of 7 Arabic and Persian dictionaries in 52 volumes with search capability through roots and derivatives
Book Info and bibliography of the books available in the Program, along with the profile of their authors



  Wahhabism recognize وهابيتشناسي

Wahhabism recognize وهابيتشناسي Desctiption:

Full text of 49 books in Arabic and Persian language about Wahhabism, consisting of topics such as: the background and the emergence of Wahhabism, traditions about origins of Wahhabism, scrutiny of Wahhabism, responses to emerging doubts
Collection of thinkers with discussions and studies on the mindset of the Wahhabis
Simple and advanced search in the text and table of contents of books
Full text of Quran with search options and translations of verses




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